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Great People + Delivery Principles + Empowerment

We deploy networks.

Techlink deploys and tests network service applications and mobile devices for amazing telecommunications companies that want to deliver the best wireless, wireline, and video experience to their customers, improve retention and customer satisfaction, and stand out even more for their brilliant content.

Our services include business systems analysis, project management, and end-to-end testing for digital services, mobile devices, and wireless and video network systems.

We specialize in “Capital D” delivery executed through proven governance and a culture of leadership, accountability, and straight communication.


People First

The health and growth of our employees, partners, and customers are of pinnacle importance; not only for project success, but because it is right for our teams. We believe that individuals who are motivated to grow and succeed achieve greater personal satisfaction, which translates into highly effective teams.

Unparalleled Delivery

We are committed to being the best delivery team in the business. This means getting products and services out to market for our customers. Our focus is on technology deployment through deep-rooted delivery principles, which is what we will continue to train our people on.

Client Focus

Client success is key to our business. Part of our company’s values is to treat all customers as if they are our first and to promote attaining the highest levels of cultural symbiosis and customer satisfaction. We regularly track our NPS scores to ensure we are always on point!

Open Kimono

We believe that honest, frank, communication is essential for delivering complex projects. Establish up-front governance to facilitate open conversation between team members and leaders at Techlink, our customers, and also with upstream and downstream 3rd party vendors.


Scope Clarity

Ensure all parties understand and document the requirements, expected deliverables, project milestones, dependencies, and the timing of the deliverables or dependencies. This level of clarity in scope is the first step towards delivering a project free of delays and change requests; we don’t play the change request game.

Frank Communication

Frank communication around deliverables and schedule risk is just as important as developing good code. We empower our team, review and follow up on all dependencies, push and escalate where required, and ring alarm bells if things are off target. We would not want to find out late in the program, nor would our customers.

Big Picture View

Leadership and account teams from all parties must understand the customer’s short-term and long-term vision as it relates to the project. This information can be used to make decisions around knowledge continuity and knowledge transfer, resourcing for additional account support, and other dependencies.

Key Partnerships

Building good relationships with customer and other 3rd party vendor stakeholders at both the project and executive levels ensures that the correct visibility is in place for key activities and will help pave a path clear of bottlenecks and roadblocks, while opening a formal escalation path in the event that it is needed.


Delivery-focused onboarding
for building winning teams.

Techlink Culture & Resources

Learn about Techlink's Core Delivery Principles, technology tools and resources, and our company’s history, culture, and values.

Delivery Best Practices

Best-in-class delivery courses, including: Continuous Delivery & DevOps, Accounting & Finance for IT Professionals, and IS/IT Governance.

Technology Refresh & Innovation

Refresh your technology skills with specialty courses in key fields. Courses include: Two Speed IT, Big Data, Testing with Agile, and Agile Development.


We work with companies like us who want to deliver exceptional services.

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