Take a deep breath.

Techlink makes it easy
to deploy digital services to customers

Techlink deploys wireless, video, and b2c applications by leveraging strong principles for scoping, project delivery, and testing.

Simply Focused.

Our core services.

1. Network Systems Design

2. Device & Application Testing

3. Technology Staffing

Our project teams drive a high degree of program execution by implementing our DP5 delivery principles.

Techlink will manage as much or as little as you need.

Project Support

Techlink provides trusted and capable resources to support your project. We offer deliverables-based services as well as staff augmentation. In both models, we establish clear responsibilities, milestones, and timelines so we are aligned on expectations.

Platform Delivery

Techlink will drive the timely delivery of projects by influencing a culture of ownership, promptness, clear communication, unfettered stakeholder awareness, and bravery. Project delivery and complete visibility are our commitments to you.

Techlink deploys digital services
for amazing companies that want to…

Deliver industry leading
services to their customers

Improve retention and
customer satisfaction

Stand out even more for their
brilliant content

Dependable Delivery.

Techlink’s delivery teams …

Partner for Success

We configure network systems and complete testing of wireless and mobile devices for service operators in Canada.

Understand Telecom

Our experienced teams understand the nuances of delivering in dynamic, multi-stakeholder environments.

Get Started Quickly

Our streamlined onboarding and contracting processes will help with getting started quickly.